Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I love pink

I have always loved pink. A typical girly girl I remember, aged six, choosing the smallest bedroom in the house simply because it was painted pink. “I could paint the bigger room pink you know”, my mum informed me. But no, I wanted the pink bedroom.

When I started writing ‘Love Pink’ I did slightly worry that I would get sick of the colour. Perhaps after six months surrounded by a million sugared shades, from baby pink, to blush pink, to candy to raspberry, I would never want to see another pink thing in my life. But in fact, I have found the complete opposite. I now love pink more than ever before.

One of my favourite parts of producing the book was hearing other people’s responses to the colour. Everyone I talked to came up with something new and utterly personal, whether it was the bottle of their mother’s perfume, flamingos, french fancies or a friend they knew who lived in a pink house. To me there is no other colour that can be so evocative and that holds such cheerful connotations.

Before ‘Love Pink’ the colour was just a subconscious part of being my girly self. Now it means much more. For me, pink is an early morning journey with my mum to photograph a pink sweet shop in Salcombe, falling in love with a pink diamond ring, dog roses - Joanna Lumley’s favourite pink flower, my friends modelling for me on a wintery afternoon, the cupcakes I got to eat as well as photograph (the icing tasted like heaven) and being surrounded by my friends and family at my book launch.

Wherever I go now, I see pink. I could have filled another book with all the pink things I keep finding, and still wouldn’t have finished. So I am going to fill this very pink blog with my favourite pink things and experiences. If you love pink, I hope you will enjoy it!



  1. pink is a color of beauty and one of the most favorite color of my girlfriend.
    really nice to read

  2. You make me feel in the pink, just looking at this

  3. Hello Libby,
    Congratulations on your lovely book and good luck with your new blog! I shall enjoy visiting and seeing it fill up with lots of pink beauty!