Monday, 15 June 2009

A pink day in London

I love London. Living in the countryside I have become sick of cows and fields. I want street lights, hot tarmac, huge shop windows, the crush of people. When I go to London for the day, it is a struggle to come back home.

I now see pink everywhere I go, and yesterday (luckily) was no exception. First stop was the Fashion and Textiles Museum, with its hot pink and tangerine painted facade. ‘Undercover - the evolution of underwear’ was the exhibition (running until the 27th of September), and it did not disappoint. A collection of corsets, frothy lace, ribbon and utter girliness, the exhibition followed the fascinating history of what women wear underneath their clothes. My favourite was this corset with its explosion of pink feathers; although perhaps it doesn’t quite fit as ‘under’wear. Stopped for a pink smoothie in the sunshine at the super cool cafĂ© at the side of the museum.

On my way back to the underground a flash of neon pink caught my eye and I couldn’t help but take a look in the Pierre Garroudi Gallery (arch 6 crucifix lane). In the corner of the gallery, among cushions, paintings and clocks were rails of bright pink dresses, tutus and giant pink net pom-poms that made my mouth water. I love stumbling across new places and pinkness, and this is definitely one I will go back to.


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