Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Pictures from Libbyland

When I arrived to work on Tuesday, I was met by the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen. Looking like something Hagrid might have chopped for the Great Hall at Hogwartz the tree takes up most of the reception. To give you an idea of how big it is, the balcony on the right is the first floor of the building. I think the receptionist might have thought I was slightly crazy: "Oooooh!" I squealed, "I'm SO happy now!" And I really was. For me Christmas has officially started, because each morning as I push open the door and step out of the wintry air I am met by the swell of Christmas music, the smell of pine and the twinkle of fairylights.
I love Liberty. And this Christmas, the whole of Carnaby Street is loved up too.
'Bambi in the Sky with Christmas Trees'
Mr. Big Fat Liberty Robin. Isn't he lovely?
God save Our Queen and God Save Christmas seems to be the message in this patriotic window. I love the old newspapers and proud Union Jacks on just about everything.
Christmas gets nostalgic in this Liberty store window, with piles of retro toys and boiled sweets.
Mrs Fox sits in snooty sophistication and Mr Fox looks quite dapper. The flame-tailed couple seem to say 'This is OUR window, don't you know?"
Baby Foxy waits to open her Christmas presents. I wonder what Father Christmas will have brought her? Perhaps some ear muffs for those lovely ears.
It's behind you! The Ugly Sisters take center stage.
This wacky mural faces the National Magazine House. Every day when I walk past I see someone taking a photo of it, so I thought today I should as well.
The pretty window and the gorgeous shoes lining the shelves make it so hard not to slip inside this Irregular Choice shop every day on my way to the station. With union jack emblazoned heels and colour galore Irregular Choice shoes are deliciously different, and I desperately want a pair.
Looking down Carnaby street is like taking a glimpse inside the crazy daisy rainbow whirl that is the mind of Libby Page.
Love illuminates Carnaby Street. As I head towards this sight each evening on my way back from work, I can't help but smile.
I had to take a photo of this music shop window as the inside looks so cosy and comforting. (And Dan it made me think of you :) )
I love the window of the Accessorize on Carnaby Street. All pink and green and fabulous, and I am pining after those snuggly booties.
These are my favourite kind of Christmas lights. Waterfalls of tiny stars; this is Christmas at its most elegant.
The window of the beautiful Cloth House looks so inviting. I pass the fabric shop every evening on my way to Tottenham Court Road tube station, and every evening the glow escaping from the open door seems to beckon me inside. I cannot sew, but as I peer inside at the rolls of fabric I dream that I can, and of making draping striped curtains to hang in my imaginary bay windows, matching cushions decorating my elegant cream sofas.
I love London, and I love London at Christmas. The shop windows light the streets and people mill from door to door clutching sunshine yellow Selfridge's bags. I love the crush of people on the pavements, the lights strung above Oxford Street, and sneaking a glimpse at the Christmas trees inside the buildings that I pass. And every evening as I walk past all this I feel something jump and glow inside me as I think - I love my life.


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