Saturday, 23 April 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

Short and simple there is just one excuse for my blogging inactivity this week. Sunshine.

I have decided that if it wasn't for this country's largely aqueous / chilly climate I would be wonderfully fit. When the weather is this beautiful being outside seems not just desirable, but imperative. Add to this delicious weather the expanse of fields and stretching views that are waiting near my home in Dorset (where I have been for the last week) and you have a winning combination for exercise. I have spent the entire week either jogging or going for long walks. You could nearly even call me 'outdoorsy'.

Sadly I know that my new-found energy cannot last. Firstly, it is not sustainable (miss one day of jogging and the excuses soon follow for day two, keep on and my thighs may give in). Secondly (and sadly) past experience and a rare flash of pessimism tell me that the rain won't be far away.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. But perhaps I'm not cut out for 'outdoorsy' after all. Far too much need for sensible shoes and cargo pants. And sadly khaki has just never been my colour.


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