Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy Baker seeks sunny room in London loft apartment

Flat hunting is painful. Apparently you used to have to leaf through the Evening Standard and stand in a telephone box for hours to find a new home (according to my mum). Thankfully we now have the internet to do the trawling for us, and to send the very best offers our way. My personal favourite of such offers over the past few weeks has got to be: 'Bob, 68, seeks single, female student to share a double room in Acton.'

Tempting though that seems, I shall not be taking Bob up on his offer. It got me thinking though, and I decided to have a go at coming up with an ad to rival even that of Bob, 68.

Here is my attempt:

Happy Baker seeks sunny room in London loft apartment

Are you a group of music playing rugby players with a spare room? Do you have an empty bed in your flat of young professionals in Notting Hill? Does your modern loft apartment with views over the South Bank feel lonely? Then there is only one thing you are missing: a Libby.

Interests include smiling, shopping and photography. Currently a journalism student at the London College of Fashion, in my spare time I enjoy spring cleaning and exploring London, not forgetting (of course) its best pubs. For me testing the food and drink in new pubs and cafes is not just a hobby, but a duty I take very seriously.
Despite being a self-confessed workaholic, I enjoy letting my hair down. Hobbies include expressive dance and fancy dress (see above).
Although studying journalism, my other calling in life is baking. I love to make cakes for people, and have been known to leave boxes of cupcakes for my flatmates with stickers reading 'EAT ME' on them, scattered around the apartment.
I am not just looking for flatmates, I am also looking for people to take on the very serious positions of Official Cupcake Testers for my latest creations. This is a somewhat appetite-consuming role so I am looking for people with sweet teeth and hungry stomachs.
Wednesday nights in Libbyland are Pancake Nights. Potential flatmates, therefore, would have to be OK with having pancakes made for them on Wednesdays, as it is an important part of the Libby Code to, 'Never Eat Cakes (Pan or otherwise) Without also Making Them for all Those Present'.

So, if you need a flatmate / happy baker, and especially if you are: Ewan McGregor, an Italian Count, a rugby team or have: a river view, a claw-foot bath, a sunny garden or a walk-in wardrobe, then get in touch. (Time wasters need not apply.)


P.S (Warning: some of the above may have been subject to exaggeration)

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