Friday, 30 September 2011

How to spot a fashion butterfly and other animals

(Warning: this blog post may contain dangerous shoes)

Which Fashion Animal are You?
How to spot a fashion butterfly:

She flits from trend to trend like a butterfly exploring a summer's garden. As fun loving fashionistas butterflies just can't let a fashion fad flutter by. Brothel creepers? Gold lamé leggings? High waisted skinny jeans? Neon lycra? Been there, done that.

Her wardrobe looks as though a rainbow has landed there. 'The brighter the better' is her motto, and she is not adverse to the odd smattering of bling. More is more.
Autumn / winter trends for a fashion butterfly:

Tartan is big news this autumn and you can be sure that fashion butterflies will have read the headlines. Which means that many a butterfly will be swarming to old school uniform shops to snap up a kilt. The most adventurous of animals, butterflies may even be seen attempting Triple Tartan (tartan skirt and tartan twinset).

Fashion butterflies love nothing better than a bit of extravagance, so this autumn's raciest trend is one for them. Fetish-wear has now been deemed high fashion by the likes of Marc Jacobs and Giles Deacon, so expect to spot fashion butterflies whipping out the PVC (if not the whips).
A word of warning to a fashion butterfly:
Yes, these studded rainbow shoes from River Island do look made for you. Just don't try boarding any planes whilst wearing them as they may be classed as an offensive weapon.

How to spot a Dalmatian:

They live their lives in black and white and Coco Chanel is their idol. A Dalmatian will never be seen without her pearl collar or a pedicure. Although seemingly elegant and chic, dalmatians are (of course) a tad dotty.

Autumn / winter trends for a Dalmatian:

For Dalmatians spots may never go out of style, but this autumn polka dots are more fashionable than ever. To distinguish a Dalmatian from any other dotted fashionista, look for the head to toe spots (polka dot heels, polka dot pencil skirt, polka dot shirt and polka dot pill box hat). Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney are her new favourites.

Dalmatians are sticklers for sophistication, so expect to see them sporting this season's forties trend by way of elbow length gloves.

A word of warning to a Dalmatian:

Do not be offended if strangers in the street ask you whether it's contagious.

How to spot a leopard:

She is the princess of the urban jungle and can be spotted prowling in prints. Classy, sexy and with a certain feline beauty, a leopard is a stylish city girl with a love for labels.
Autumn / winter trends for a leopard:

This autumn she will be wrapping up in fur and feathers as well as her beloved leopard print coat. Red is set to be this season's new favourite colour so leopards will accessorise with scarlet for a touch of sex appeal.
A word of warning for a leopard:

If you do opt for this season's trend for feathers, stay away from open flames.

How to spot a robin:

Robins are true Brits who are as classic as snowy Christmas cards. They can often be found toting leather satchels and wearing British wool jumpers whilst hovering around libraries and old book shops. They are reserved creatures who stick to tailoring and smart details. A robin knows what she likes and takes pride in her flawless style.
Autumn / winter trends for a robin:

Robins love to remind themselves of their heritage, so this season they will be wearing sixties British classics that they saw reinvented on the catwalk. Peter pan collars and tartan prints will give them the bookish charm they aim for. They will fall for the deep greens and berry shades popular this season, because they remind them of leather bound books and wood panelled libraries.

Meanwhile they will continue to steal from their man's wardrobe for the tailoring they so love.
A word of warning for a robin:

Avoid fashion butterflies.
How to spot a (snuggle) Bunny:

If you see someone wrapped up in a kitsch, snuggly jumper, ear warmers and mittens, then you have found yourself a classic bunny. Bunnies are easy to spot for their love of all things cute and fluffy: heart print t-shirts, flowery socks poking out of their shoes, soft woolen cardigans and spotty scarves are bunny trademarks.
Autumn / winter trends for a bunny:

Bunnies are lovers of kitsch so this season's animal prints will have them hot under the collar. Expect to see them wearing a mismatch of different pretty prints; they will love them all so much that it will be just too hard to decide.

Bunnies love to snuggle so they will be hopping into the trend for cocoon coats that will keep them warm.
A word of warning for a bunny:

Overt sex appeal will never be your forté.

(All photos taken at Westfield's Car Bootique event. Pop down to Sheperd's Bush tomorrow to catch the last day of this event. Make the most of discounts, prizes and fashion shows to find out which fashion animal you are and how to make your wardrobe match your fashion personality.


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