Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Life and Libby

What Libby Did
(The things I've been up to during my blogging absence)

1) Stirring up trouble, campaigning hard and reading my name in Private Eye.

Me in Private Eye, 11th January

2) Drinking many cups of coffee and eating many slices of cake. 

3) Walking along the Southbank in the cold on my way to meetings at Somerset House. 
4) Wearing running shoes with my dress in the snow. Sod fashion, I'd rather have ugly feet than a broken neck from wearing dolly shoes on sheet ice.

5) Admiring the view from my flat window. 

6) Filming interviews about unpaid internships...

7) And watching one of them broadcasted on Al Jazeera online  (and finding out that they reach 250 million people).

Picture 35 

8) Writing short stories
9) Wearing two pairs of tights at once
10) Smiling


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