Monday, 22 April 2013

A flower for a flower

Flowers make me happy

Which is probably not surprising because blooms are in my blood. My mum is a florist and has written six books about flower shops. I love the smell of flower shops - the top notes of the flowers but also the base of wet oasis and foliage. I wish I could bottle that smell.

Having flowers in my flat feels like a sweet little luxury and always makes me smile. Flowers are perhaps most often associated with anniversaries or Valentine's or birthdays, but I think everyone should buy themselves flowers from time to time. It's lovely to get them from someone else, but buying flowers for yourself is like telling yourself "you are worth roses." And everyone should feel they deserve a big fat bunch of roses every now and then.

I bought myself this pink bunch last week and they are just starting to turn - but that's actually how I like them best. The petals look like puffy petticoats and as they start to drop they crinkle like paper.

Whether it's buying flowers or watching guilty pleasure TV or eating creme eggs, I am a great believer in doing the things that make you happy. Life is short so it might as well be filled with flowers.

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  1. Beautiful post. I clicked from Twitter because i've had a bad day and this has cheered me up, going to buy myself some flowers!

  2. I love flowers too. I bought a bunch of white ones last week myself.