Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pink in the 80s

Amongst my stacks of Vogues and fashion books lie a pile of magazines and catalogues that I inherited from the mother of one of my mum's friends. With their tattered covers these 80s editions (mainly French) are some of my most treasured. I love flicking through them and seeing how vastly fashion has changed in a mere 30 or so years - in fashion terms this could be centuries. Some of the advertising campaigns seem laughable nowadays, whilst clothes that spark a "why would anyone wear that?" make me wonder what the magazines I read now will look like in the future. Will we look back at the outfits of today and think - what were we thinking?

This outfit was classed as casual day-wear. In today's world of tracksuit bottoms and jeans what was classed as casual in the 80s looks formal and dated.
Patou Haute Couture
Christian Dior Haute Couture
Nina Ricci Haute Couture

Both of the above dresses sport a cord tie that looks as though it has been borrowed from a heavy pair of curtains, evidently a popular look of the time.

Despite the recent resurgence in 80s style looking at these genuine outfits from the era they still look a far cry from what we see on the high street today. Although styles have been stolen from the 80s, they have clearly been adapted in a modern way. Even though fashion looks back from time to time (cue a 70s revival abrewing) it is with fresh eyes for fresh times. Because ultimately fashion is all about the today and tomorrow.


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