Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Day in the Life

This morning it would have been very easy to stay tucked up in the warm embrace of my duvet. With all my work finished for my deadline on Monday, a day in bed watching films and reveling in laziness was a tempting option. Instead I decided to brace the cold, wrapping up warm as camera and I headed out to explore London. Just because.

From a heaving Oxford Street, (where the power was with the pedestrians for one day only) to the hush of Green Park and St James' Park, I walked and walked. As I walked I joined tourists wandering around the frozen lakes in the parks or admiring the guilded gates at Buckingham Palace. It made me realise that most people living in London don't actually SEE London. So maybe I looked like a tourist, but I was very happy to look like a tourist for the day. Little did they know my delicious secret. I live here. :) <3

On my way I made detours into second-hand bookshops that smelt of dust and forgotten words, and magazine stores where I stood and stared at the walls of glossy covers. I strolled down the red carpet at the Burlington Arcade and paid a visit to the National Gallery, loving how small I felt beneath the towering canvases. Wandering past Fortnum & Mason meant enrapture at their decadent window displays.

There was no purpose to my wanderings, so perhaps it was a day wasted. But returning home with a huge smile on my face, I would have to disagree. After all...

"A poor life this is, if so full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare."


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