Monday, 17 January 2011

Think Pink

A grey day in London town has dampened my spirits (not to mention my feet). Today went something like this: dragged myself from my bed (like rousing a hibernating bear), gloomy bus journey spent pinching myself to keep my sleepy head from lolling onto the comfortable-looking shoulder of my neighbour, running down Oxford Street in the rain, my red heels splashing through lagoons gathering on the pavement, lectures, library, assignment panic, bus home, cavernous cupboards and empty fridge, uni work, pjamas, rain.

On rainy days like these there is just one colour I crave to brighten up my life.

Yes, you guessed it.

I'm thinking pink.

Elle Feb 2011
Christopher Kane Spring 2011
Lula Magazine
Dior Spring 2011
Vogue Feb 2011
Mulberry Spring 2011
Pink Februaries...
Feb 2010
Feb 2008
Feb 2007
Feb 2006
Feb 2005
Feb 2003

All of these words and all of these pictures, and all of these small scraps of purpose and intention and dreams...

Will walk along side of me and keep me company, on this my great journey...

And will serve to remind me to savour all my days spent upon this earth
Funny Face


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