Sunday, 12 June 2011

My First Editor's Letter... : )

Welcome to the first issue of FOX magazine...
Walking through Kentish Town is like crossing back and forth between a country village and an urban metropolis. We foxes are at home both stalking the street at night or eyeing up the chickens on a country farm. In our first issue of FOX magazine we bring you a varied representation of these contrasting sides to Kentish Town.

Photographers Alex Pielak and Victoria Mullins were assigned the task of giving us their view through the lens of Kentish Town. The results give a snapshot of the many facets of Kentish Town and can be found on page 25.

FOX heads to Kentish Town City Farm for a glorious fashion shoot, shot by Bonny Sadr and styled by Zadrian Smith. Kentish Town is teaming with young talent and with this in mind Zadrian sourced clothes from a range of young designers. He and Bonny have created some beautiful images of a girl who is more than she seems. Sipping water from a pond swarming with tadpoles she becomes a creature in herself (Ey Iy Ey Iy Oh, page 13).

As a complete contrast to the city farm, FOX also pays a visit to one sleek black building on Grafton Road, which just happens to be the home and studio of world famous fashion photographer, Rankin. Be sure to see his interview on page 23. In his own words, "Kentish Town is a place to watch."

With Rankin's stamp of approval, North is officially the new East. Kentish Town is growing as a destination for both artists and galleries. In this issue we present to you Leighton Space, an exciting new arts venue that doubles up as a gym during the week and is the definition of both versatility and cutting edge art (Watch this Space, page 22). FOX also speaks to North London artist Andrew Pegram about the paradox of urban decay and what it means to be an urban artist (Urban Decay, page 24).

Back to the countryside and one of the integral parts of any rural community: the country pub. Kentish Town isn't short of pubs, and in this issue Drunken Fox Tom Williams visits the best of the bunch. A week spent eating and drinking; his dedication is surely admirable. Our resident foodie Ellie Mathews also brings you a round up of the best independent food stores in Kentish Town, as well as catching up with John Grayson of Earth Natural Foods. You may have walked past countless times, but did you know the story of its pioneering co-owner? (page 8)

Another stalwart of the Kentish Town high street is currently looking ahead to a sad future. Zadrian Smith interviews the owner of Bluston's, revealing the history of the family business that has been a part of Kentish Town for decades but which is now facing its downfall (Bluston's Last Ration, page 20).

In a lighter vein, Fox About Town Maria Medvedeva reports from the HMV Forum as Snoop Dogg makes his UK comeback in Kentish Town. Continuing the musical note: Map Café may be well-known for its weekly jazz nights, but it is also a recording label that promotes fresh new talent. Mona Maahn meets the man behind the Map (page 12).

FOX has also found the best things to do in Kentish Town over the summer. See our summer calendar on page 6.

Now for a flash of orange tail as FOX is off, on the hunt for the best that Kentish Town has to offer in time for next season's issue.

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