Friday, 17 June 2011

The Skype Story

Since starting university Skype has become an invaluable way of keeping in touch with the people I love. With this in mind when I was given the task last term of writing the script for a short documentary about a technology that has changed the world, I knew what I wanted to make mine about.

I then set about interviewing as many people as I could via Skype. I wanted to tell the Skype Story using the medium itself, and to give a snapshot of the positive way in which technology, when exploited properly, can affect and help the lives of ordinary people.

As well as the script I had to write I was asked to make a really short clip just to illustrate the idea behind the programme and the form it would take. Here is my clip for 'The Skype Story.'

Thank you very much to everyone who was kind enough to help me out. What an ideal project really: an excuse to talk to some lovely people and hear their stories.

Thank you Skype.


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