Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fascinate Me

Today was a sad day for rainbow feathers, as Ascot announced that fascinators will be banned from their Royal Enclosure this year.

In a BBC article Ascot spokesman Nick Smith was quoted as saying, "there is no doubt our customers would like to get back to a situation where it is universally acknowledged this is a formal occasion and not an occasion where you might dress as you would at a nightclub."

I am not sure where Mr Smith likes to party. I am clearly hanging out in the wrong places. I personally have never seen anyone wearing a fascinator in a nightclub. Perhaps I just missed them, but on second thoughts I am sure I would have spotted the explosion of feathers through the crowd.

Does this mean the death of the fascinator? Because you may say, if I can't wear my fascinator to Ascot, where can I wear it?

But ah, that is where you are wrong. Why shouldn't you wear a net and quill fascinator to a nightclub? Or why stop there? Why not wear one out to dinner, on the bus or in Tesco? Or just whilst you do your washing up? Ascot has ruled that wearing a bird on your head is too casual for watching horses racing. But if it is too casual for Ascot, that doesn't mean it's too casual for me. So keep your eyes pealed next time you're in a club. I will be the one with the feathers.

(Fascinators at the fabulous VV Rouleaux)



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