Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Strawberry Laces

Oh the joy of a new pair of shoes.

Perhaps it is wrong to admit it, but for me the thrill of new shoes is on par with the first bite of a delicious cake that you have been salivating over behind a glass case, a sunbeam warming your back through a window or the accidental happiness of a coffee froth heart. They make me smile, and all the more when those shoes happen to be bright red.

Another, perhaps strange reason to smile is that I know I shouldn't have bought them.

"I really really can't buy these," I said to the smiley shop assistant, "but obviously I am going to."

We are living in tough times so in theory have to justify our purchases even more than ever before. But I think that the best things you buy are the ones that you can't really justify. Yes, a grey cardigan or new pair of tights to replace those ones you laddered are a sensible idea. But you won't love them like a pair of bright red shoes. And equally, they won't love you either. Walking in my new boots is like walking with a permanent hug around my feet. (Honestly. They really are that comfy.)

So that is the story of how I came to be sat on my bed in a pair of bright red suede ankle boots. And a pair of laddered tights.
(These boots are made for climbing....)
Now I just want to save up for the leopard print pair... Because obviously my shoes need company...


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