Saturday, 8 September 2012

Libby, life and the Lambeth Weekender

This blog may be quiet at the moment, but my life is not. Two main things have happened: I have done work experience at a local London paper (and loved it), and I have moved into a new flat (and love it).

My work experience at Vogue earlier this summer was my sixth internship. Most of these placements have been at the fashion departments of national newspapers or magazines. I love fashion, but I am also interested in a lot more than just clothes. With this in mind I decided to try something a bit different and got in touch with my local paper in London - the Lambeth Weekender.

The Lambeth Weekender may not be based in a beautiful building like Vogue House (in fact the offices are on an industrial estate) but if I'm being honest it was probably my favourite work experience placement to date. Because I got to do what I love best: meet interesting people, see and do interesting things and then write about them. 

The paper came out on Friday. I picked up 15 copies. There really is nothing quite like seeing my name in print.

Friday was also a good day as it was the day I moved all of my things into my new flat in Clapham. After a year living and loving in Brixton I have moved back to my roots: the Clapham / Balham area where I was born and where my mum once owned a flower shop.

Earlier in the week I had moved as much as I could from Brixton to Clapham on the bus. Essentials only, which meant carrying my duvet, some clothes and Clive my life-size flamingo on the 355.

Now I am all moved in and deliriously happy in my new home - mainly due to its huge kitchen that will be perfect for baking. My new home feels like a new stage in my life. And I look forward to continuing to share it with you when I can.

This is what a happy Libby looks like on Clapham Common



  1. ahh sometimes local is better in the way of interships, you tend to do a lot more that way! well done Libs, you lil' genius as always. I can't wait to bake in my kitchen too! maybe we should have a lil' catch up baking sesh one day! Your flat sounds beaut, 2 weeks until I move in! whoop x

  2. I find your voice in this blog so refreshing. I love that you recount all your experiences and though they make me feel intimidated, I feel like I am definitely doing well in pursuing my dreams (though it's harder for me as I'm not from the UK). Plus, you sound really nice :)

  3. Thank you Joana, that is really kind of you to say. Don't feel intimidated though - it sounds like you are really enthusiastic so just stick with it! :)