Friday, 19 July 2013

Trulli Scrumptious

A week in the sunshine and I'm still as pale as a potato
A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on holiday with my good friends, staying in a Trulli in Puglia, Italy.

The Trulli houses remind me of a Hobbit home or a beehive. Being 5ft4 was suddenly a blessing when faced with low stone ceilings.


On a visit to a local town we stumbled across this prize winning cake displayed proudly in a shop window.
With white-washed walls and blue skies we could have been in Greece rather than Italy, although there were the constant reminders dotted around the town...
... like this Italian flag...

...and the Italian wedding we stumbled across in a large old church.
Being in Italy the holiday involved much eating (and drinking). Pizza and pasta and jugs of wine, but also pastries filled with custard and jam from the local pasticceria.

Being lucky enough to have our own pool at the villa, many an evening was spent sipping prosecco by the poolside.
Perhaps the tasty treat I miss most of all is the great slabs of watermelon that would dribble pink juice down to your elbows as you ate.
All in all a Trulli scrumptious holiday.


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