Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Blooming Lovely

I could live in Bloomsbury land. Lock me in any Bloomsbury store and just give me food every now and then and let me loose among the beautiful bits and bobs and I would be quite happy. Busy bookshelves and surfaces piled high with everything from Paul Smith bags to Pantone mugs I feel quite at home - I love clutter. Just as long as it's pretty clutter.

Bloomsbury is a fail-safe destination for pretty gifts. The only problem is I can't help but be tempted by gifts for myself too....

Have the sweetest of dreams in these pink polka dot pjs, £55
Baby pink Pantone mugs, from £5.95
Baby pink Pantone tin £12.95
If you didn't know already, I love baking. (Actually, if you didn't know that you must be an alien who has just landed on this planet and somehow managed to glance at my blog.) Therefore I adore the Hummingbird cookbook, and this cute set complete with cupcake cases. (£12.99)

This is a glorious, hard-back illustrated book all about London. Featuring the best shops, restaurants and hotels it really is a fabulous celebration of a fabulous city.

Bonjour t-shirt £29.95
Button teapot from £29.95
This is a book all about my favourite subject: love. Featuring poems, anecdotes and extracts from novels this book explores love throughout the ages and around the world. And with a cover designed by my favourite artist Rob Ryan, this is definitely one for my bookshelf.


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