Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A fifties dress gets a 21st century outing...

This week my vintage dress got its first outing. I wore the turquoise, rose-print dress to my Grandpa's 83rd birthday and smiled the whole day. My Grandpa loved my dress, and over lunch I saw him turn, misty-eyed, to my mum saying, "She's all grown-up." I don't feel it, but its nice to think I'm on my way. Although I am also glad I'm not as old as my lovely dress just yet.



  1. You look gorgeous Libby! - So lovely to see the vintage dress being worn again after several decades...who needs the high street chains?! Glad your Grandpa approved - and Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Thank you Niki! And I agree - it feels so special to have something unique and several decades old. I shall be shopping for vintage much more in future :) x