Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A successful shopping trip...

It's funny how you can go shopping somewhere huge (like my visit to Cabot Circus in Bristol a few weeks ago) and come away with nothing, and go somewhere small (Salisbury - my local town) and have a much more successful trip. I have little patience for TK Maxx (all those jumbled clothes and rails and rails of track suits) but look carefully on the right day and you can find some real gems. Today was such a day. First was a grey A-line dress which fits like a glove, accentuates my waist (for me the mark of a good dress) and will no doubt become a well-loved and much worn member of my wardrobe. My real find, however, was this Moschino silk scarf that I glimpsed as I was queuing to pay. The love-heart pattern caught my eye, and I simply couldn't resist.
Shopping in Marks and Spencer's can often be disappointing to say the least. You see something surprisingly appealing in a magazine and decide to venture in, only to be met by a sea of jersey and zimoframes. The lingerie department, however, never disappoints. I think you would be at a push to find any female member of this country who doesn't own at least one pair of M&S undies. If you look in the knicker drawer of many people I know you will find purely M&S. I couldn't say no to this pink and lime silk set. On a rainy day such as today the colour lifts my mood and I know that every time I open my underwear drawer and see these I will smile. And after all as I've said before... there is no excuse for boring underwear, especially when you can get knickers this lovely from good old M&S.


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