Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Home sweet Home

Since being home I have spent the majority of my time wearing an apron. Snowed in and with none of the attractions of the big city in my little home town I have dedicated my time to baking instead. So much so that I am almost considering a career change....
2 days, 2 sisters and 2 kg of icing sugar and this is what you get...
Over the last 2 days my sister and I have devoted our time to building a gingerbread house.
My mum works for charity 'Hope and Homes for Children' and in the office a competition for the most Christmassified section has resulted in manic decorating including, I hear, Christmas trees and bay trees. Our old fashioned wooden sledge is mysteriously missing from the garage.

When I heard about this competition I decided to help Mum out.
So, with the help of my sister and various friends (one of whom got stranded at my house because of the snow and woke up to the scene of three pyjamaed Page girls covered in icing, assembling a gingerbread house. Not what he expected I'm sure, however it wasn't long before we had him making piping bags and supporting gingerbread walls) we took the Christmas decorations to the next level.
Me? Competitive? What ever made you think that?



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