Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Libby's Christmas Challenge

The first day of December did not go unmarked in Libbyland. The festive spirit started this morning when I opened the first window on the 3D, Christmas tree shaped advent calendar that arrived in the post last week courtesy of my mum, and ended with a charity Christmas carol concert in Kensington.

Carol concerts are something of a tradition in our family. My sister and I boast knowing beyond the first verse of 'We three Kings' as one of our party tricks. It is always a highlight of my year to gather in a ivy strewn church with a hat and coat bedecked crowd, listening to businessmen and children alike trying to hit the final 'Hark' in 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing'. After carols came mulled wine and mince pies, before walking back to the tube in the snow.

If all that isn't enough to put you in the Christmas mood... then this window display is surely the best of the best.

I for one am dreaming of a Cartier Christmas...


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