Thursday, 23 December 2010

Libby's Christmas Challenge

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and the last day of my Christmas Challenge.

Weeks of Christmassy photographs later and I am feeling like a glass of hissing champagne; full to the brim and sparkling. Being home is definitely recharging my batteries and thoughts of 2011 fill me with excitement rather than tiredness.

Despite the glimmering shop windows and cosmopolitan Christmas photos adorning this blog, for me the best bit about Christmas is far more simple. Last night sums it up for me: a meal with my girlfriends in a cosy pub, drinking wine and laughing before joining in with the rest of the pub as we sang carols around the bar. Then for singing all the way home before joining my family in the warm. Friends, family and laughter. Perhaps it's cheesy, but that, actually, is all I want for Christmas.


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