Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Happy Brixtmas Eve: Herne Hill

On Saturday evening I was back at Herne Hill to visit their Christmas market. Railton Road was taken over by festive stalls, carol singers and the odd farmyard animal.

As the sun began to set everyone crowded around to witness the ceremonial 'turning on of the lights'. Westfield may have got Justin Beiber, but at Herne Hill the excitement was just as great as locals, visitors, several sheep and a Shetland pony huddled in anticipation. No one seemed to mind the fact that these lights were strung around one lone tree. When they started twinkling the cheers made up for the lack of drama created by the lights themselves.

Before heading home I popped into Pullens to drink a mug of hot chocolate whilst sat in one of their battered old leather chairs looking out over the square. Christmas was in the air and in the warm mug between my hands.

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