Friday, 16 December 2011

How to throw a vintage tea party

I had an excuse for lavishing £20 on a book I technically didn't need. I was in a tiny independent bookshop and felt it my duty to show my support for the business so that others like me could spend a happy half hour lovingly stroking the spines of beautiful books.

'The Vintage Tea Party Book,' however, is an excuse in itself. It is wonderful.
The book is the creation of Angel Adoree who you may remember for her appearance on Dragon's Den or simply for her fabulous name. It compiles tips for throwing a perfect vintage inspired tea party and includes everything from splendidly decadent recipes to templates for handmade aprons and make-up tips for achieving the flawless grooming of Fifties movie stars.
Each page looks as delicious as the recipes, with a mix of beautiful photographs and illustrations.

Eat Me
One must always look foxy.
I may be a student and not exactly prone to throwing lavish tea parties. I might not ever make candy stripe meringues or rose petal sandwiches. So I therefore may not be the kind of woman to have need of a book like this. But I suppose I bought it ultimately one simple reason: I want to be.


  1. Dear Libby, I just wanted to tell you how lovely I think your blog is :)
    I've been visiting it more or less regularly for quite a long time and am finally commenting and officially following now.

    Good luck in everything and keep up the great work!
    xx, Susann

  2. Thanks Susan, that means a lot! :)