Saturday, 10 December 2011

Happy in Brixton

Over the summer I wrote on here about my nightmare experience of flat hunting in London. There was the house that could only be reached by scrambling over a railway line, the flat with a 'bedroom' minus any room, and the landlady who said as I left her property, "You don't want to live here, do you? I wouldn't want to live here."

After many stressful house viewings and becoming best friends with Gumtree, I found a new home in Brixton and have been living here happily for three months with my five housemates. It seems you can find everything on Gumtree. Recent mindless meanderings through the website have found me stumbling across dating adverts, job offers, book groups and lawn mowers for sale.

Not only did I find a great house in buzzing Brixton, but I also found five amazing new friends. I am writing this with music and the smell of ginger and sugar in the background; I am baking gingerbread men for my housemates.

So, new room, new start. Gumtree, I salute you.