Sunday, 18 July 2010

Home is where my heart lives

After two weeks away from home there is nowhere I would rather be than in my room. I think you can tell a lot about a person from their bedroom; then I wonder what mine says about me? Pink (naturally), bunting hung with bras that I have decorated, or old ones that are simply too pretty to throw away, a framed Vogue cover (one of my favourite possessions) and walls covered in magazine pages. And, of course, my bookshelf. Every time I walk in to my room and scan the shelves bursting with fashion books and past copies of Vogue my heart is glad and I am reminded why I want to be a fashion journalist / ultimately the editor of Vogue. Not that I need reminding very often.



  1. That vintage Vogue cover is the best! I love how you've decorated your room with all the inspirational bits. Your future office of a fashion magazine will surely look similar.

    And YUM to the cupcakes! They look too pretty to eat.

  2. Thanks, I love the Vogue cover too - an interesting fact about that cover... in recent reproductions of it the cigarette in the model's hand is usually photoshopped out. I think it shows an interesting shift in attitudes.
    And the cupcakes are yummy - I definately recommend putting white chocolate buttons, raspberries and lemon into a cake!!
    :) x