Sunday, 13 May 2012

Birthday Baking

 Today is my 20th birthday. My teenage years are officially behind me. What better way to celebrate than with a Cosmo in one hand and a pink champagne in the other. 

I joke of course. Sadly alcohol is off-limits to glandular fever patients. Instead, I decided to mark the occasion with the next best thing: cake. Maybe it is somewhat unconventional to bake your own birthday cake, but on your birthday you are allowed to do what you like, even be unconventional.

With my London birthday plans with my friends disrupted by 'the fever' I had to choose what I wanted to do with the day. Something that involved calm, sober fun and not leaving the house. I decided to bake.

I didn't just want to bake a Victoria Sponge. My 20th birthday required something special. And that is how I came to bake a family of pandas and a pile of chocolate butterfly covered cupcakes. Just because... Happy birthday to me.
A very fitting birthday card from my friend Harriet. My friends know me well. Or maybe it's just obvious.

Another very fitting birthday card...
Make a wish... I would tell you what I wished for. But then I would have to kill you.
After all that baking I then proceeded to collapse on the sofa where I fell asleep in front of the TV. When I woke up a terrifying thought struck me: maybe now that I am no longer a teenager I have turned into a grown up and the kind of sad grown up who falls asleep in front of the TV (and snores) on their birthday.

But then I had another thought: maybe it's just because I've got glandular fever.

P.S The panda family is now a family of three, not four. He was very tasty.


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