Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tea, Bea's and me

I am of the strong opinion that most situations in life are greatly improved if you add cake. 

"I'm feeling sad today."
"Here's some cake."

"Come round for dinner."
"I'll bring a cake!"

"Shall we go for coffee?"
"Let's go for coffee and cake!"

If you've ever had glandular fever you will know that some days you wake up feeling like a Dementor (yes I've made a Harry Potter reference,) has sucked out your soul. Today was one of those days. 

I spent the day trying to find ways to make me feel like me again, feeling as though my cheerfulness was a balloon pulled out of my hand by a breeze, bobbing just out of reach as I chased behind.

When it came to deciding what to wear I ignored the voice in my head telling me to pull on a jumper over my pyjamas and leave the house like that. Instead I chose a dress, my favourite jacket, some blingtastic dangly earrings, a pink handbag and pink lippy. If I couldn't feel like me, I might as well look like me. 

The next step was heading to Holborn, where I had to hand in some uni work. 

This was easier said than done. The Dementor had also decided to suck out my sense of balance; it was only after yet ANOTHER person bumped into me that I realised that it wasn't so much them bumping into me as me bumping into them. 

The only thing making the experience worthwhile was the thought of what was waiting for me after my uni hand in. My friend Tasha, and a piece of cake. 

We had agreed to meet for coffee. 

"Coffee and cake?" 

Bea's of Bloomsbury is a lovely cake shop that just so happens to be ever so conveniently situated five minutes away from our college. It seemed meant to be.

 I had never been to Bea's before but had heard tales of their legendary afternoon teas and the teapot lamps that hang from their ceiling.

It was a good thing that it was only five minutes from college, as I was feeling steadily dizzier, was breaking out into a cake sweat and was starting to have cake hallucinations.

As soon as we sat down and I bit into my perfect red velvet cupcake I sighed a happy sigh and felt my mood rising with my sugar levels.

It turns out that a cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting is exactly what I needed.

 See, cake is practically a health food.

As we left I picked up one of Bea's of Bloomsbury's post-card sized business cards that made me smile. "I don't know about you but I only came to this wedding for the cake."

As I said - most situations in life are greatly improved by cake. Even the weddings of people you don't actually like.

"But their cake was so beautiful!"


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  1. Gotta love Bea's. I bought some cupcakes from there a little while ago. And do you know what, having read this blog, I think I'll pop over there and buy some more today! Thanks Libby. :-)