Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ciao Bella

 During one week on holiday in Italy I took 400 photos. Here are a select few...

 Everything starts small.

 Apricots getting fat on sunshine.
 One of the many roof gardens I photographed- they looked to me like postage stamp sized paradises.

 Whilst on holiday I ate food, so much food. Barbecues and pecorino cheese and pasta drizzled in olive oil and a sprinkling of pepper, and blushing sun-ripe tomatoes and watermelon so juicy it dribbled to your elbows, and proscuitto, and ice cream....

 A visit to Italy wouldn't be complete without visits to several beautiful buildings and churches with ceilings so intricate that they made your neck ache from staring upwards.

 Our villa was surrounded by sunflowers and lavendar that hummed with bees and butterflies.
 And oh the pizza...


  1. Whereabouts did you go? It looks heavenly. :-)

  2. I flew to Ancona on the East coast but we were staying in the middle of nowhere down a tiny little track. One of the towns I visited was Ascoli and our nearest village was called Petritoli. Had a lovely time thank you!

    Libby :)