Sunday, 8 July 2012

Passion for Pin-Ups

 I think that when you go on holiday to Italy you are supposed to buy wine, olive oil and handbags as souvenirs.

I didn't buy any leather, or any oil, or wine. I did buy drinks though but they were soft drinks. And I only bought them for the bottles.
I have a passion for pin-ups.

The most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought was the dress I wore to my book launch: a hot pink chiffon number covered in pin-up girls. It turns out that I have more than got my money's worth - not only do I love it just as much now as I did when I bought it, but it is really the only posh frock I own so I have worn it many times. It often takes people quite a while to realise that what they thought from a distance was a nice floral print is, on closer inspection, a pattern of naked ladies.

I even wore the dress to the London College of Fashion when I was spending my week dressed head to toe in pink. 

In truth, one of the reasons I love pin-up girls is because I secretly want to be one.

When I came to uni one day wearing a high-waisted, flared skirt, a shirt tied at the waist and red lipstick one of my friends and coursemates said to me that I was dressed like a pin-up. It made my day.

I find it exhausting flicking through magazines and seeing fashion models who look like skinny breadsticks you could snap in half. Give me a good plump baguette instead. I don't want to look like a Twiglet. I know it might sound shocking, but I want the bum and the boobs that we are given the diets and exercise regimes to shrink. Heck, I even want the thighs that meet in the middle. 

I also just love the style of the pin-up: red lips, coy smiles and sexy knickers. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

The rise of all things vintage may have seen the phenomenon of last season Primark being sold as 'retro', but it has also created a pin-up renaissance that I for one am very happy about.

Not only can you dress like a pin-up, but you can also get pretty pin-ups on your crockery and walls now too. Here is a shopping list of my favourites...

Cushion, £60, Andrew Martin for John Lewis

Gift Wrap, £8.50 for four sheets, Crumpet and Skirt

Cushion, £60, Andrew Martin for John Lewis

Veronica Mug, £9.50, Crumpet and Skirt

Sophia Mug, £9.50, Crumpet and Skirt
Dress, £65, Bettie Page Clothing at Pin-up Parade

Dress, £95, Bettie Page Clothing at Pin-up Parade
Dress, £49, Fairygothmother
Knickers, £17 and Bra, £41.50, What Katie Did
Wallpaper, £75 for 3m panel, Dupenny

Earrings, £3, Jo Edkins at Folksy
Gaypron, £20, Jollyjapes at Folksy
And finally, I bring you the 'Gaypron' - a new interpretation of the pin-up that I thoroughly approve of.


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