Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Colourful Week: What I Wore to Vogue

What do you wear to work experience at Vogue? That was the question I was asking myself last Sunday evening.

As I looked through the kaleidoscope of my wardrobe I realised that what you probably wear is black. Something cool and subtle, preferably accessorised with a designer handbag.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it and what side of the chic-ometer you sit on) that just isn't me. Was it worth changing something about myself in order to make myself appear like a cool (and subtle) fashionista for the duration of my internship?

I thought not. So instead I decided to be me with a bang, and set myself the challenge of wearing something colourful every day whilst on my three week internship at Vogue.

I also decided to follow the mantra: dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Yes, I may just be an intern which largely means running errands, but I certainly don't want to be an intern forever. I also want to show that even if I am just an intern, I take what I do seriously.

Of course, not too seriously not to have fun with my wardrobe.

Because that has been the main point of this challenge - to have has much fun with my clothes as I can. My style reflects who I am and I want to embrace that instead of hiding behind an LBD.

At least they will certainly notice me (it's quite difficult not to when you are wearing bright blue tights). And I suppose that is part of the point too...








  1. Libby, you are gorgeous. I particularly like Tuesday - the trousers are fantastic. Although Thursday is a wonderfully classy as well :) Bisous

  2. Thank you so much, how kind of you! Watch this space - week 2 photos coming soon... :) Libby x