Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A lovely little bit of Lunacy

How can I fail to love a shop that has a flamingo for its logo? I love online store Lunacy Boutique for its sugarlicious jewellery and quirky accessories. Here is a pick of my favourites...
What more does a girl need than a bright pink cuckoo clock? And at just £17.50 I'd call that a bargain too.
And now for something sweet... Lunacy Boutique have been dipping into the cookie jar for inspiration for their delicious range of jewellery. Wear your favourite confectionery around your neck with these necklaces, from £13.

This marshmallow bracelet (£15) looks so realistic I have images of myself subconciously nibbling on my wrist if I was feeling peckish. Marshmallow shades are going to be big this summer, so why not have some fun and go for the real thing?
These earrings, £8 are so cute. Iced gems make me think of the birthday tea parties I had when I was younger, as do jammy dodgers which take pride of place on rainbow hair bows for £7.50.
I think these dolly mix earrings (£5) are my favourite Lunacy Boutique find. Dolly mixtures are my favourite sweets, and I think these could be set to become my favourite earrings.
This grinning toast ring (£5) and gingerbread man brooch (£4.50) made me smile.
Crayons make me think of my primary school days, and at just £4.50 these quirky crayon earrings are fit for pocket money prices too.
With Valentine's Day coming up this sexy legs necklace (£23) with its inundation of tiny pink hearts seems very fitting.
What's there not to love about a sky blue purse (£26) featuring two kissing lovebirds? The romantic inside me sighs a happy sigh.
And finally... I didn't even know handmuffs still existed. I am very pleased to see that they do. These look like furry little creatures screaming out to be hugged. At £18 the only question is, which pattern bow to choose? Or maybe it's best to go for all three and make a happy, snuggly handmuff family, a different bow for every outfit.

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