Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pink Posters

The walls in my room are covered with pages from magazines and postcards I have collected. I love just sitting at my desk and looking around me, tumbling into the beautiful photographs. It is little surprise that many of them are pink. Here is a selection of my favourite.

The image above is a Stephen Sprouse outfit from a shoot in Vogue. Sprouse was the dayglo designer of the 80s whose clothes were worn by the coolest kids in town. This startling hot pink outfit sums up his style, and is to me, perfection.
A Rayban advertising campaign.
I love this image of Sophie Dahl for Vogue. The pink gloves, the jewel scattered dress... she looks like a pensive fairytale princess.
My mum couldn't help but buy me this Rococco Rose chocolate bar when she saw the wrapper. Not only is the wrapper so beautiful, but the chocolate is too. Dark and rose flavoured, it really did taste like roses, and the colour pink. I thought the wrapper was so lovely I pinned it to my wall. It reminds me of the prettiest tasting chocolate I have ever eaten.
'This love is on fire'
A pink Marilyn Monroe pouts down at me from my bedroom wall.
I tore this page from Vogue and added it to the collection on my wall so that I can always look at it and admire the beautiful ruffles of that pink dress, which reminds me of red cabbage. It is from a Tim Walker shoot and the model is Karen Elson. Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers, and Karen Elson one of my favourite models. His photos are a fairytale, whilst she looks unlike anyone else; I would kill for those smouldering curls. The most expensive book I have ever bought was Tim Walker's tome 'Pictures' (it was £40 on Amazon but usually retails for £70), however it was worth every penny. From houses bedecked in ribbons and balloons to pastel coloured cats, every image is a mouth-watering concotion of rainbow coloured dreams. I wish life was really like the fantasy world Walker creates in his photographs.
Yes, it is Rob Ryan again. I love that man. This Rob Ryan card sits next to my bed, propped open next to my bedside lamp so that the light shines through it, illuminating the words, the kissing figures silhouetted against the fuchsia background.


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  1. I like the pink dress. The style of the top portion is so nice. :)