Thursday, 27 May 2010

I love Octopus

Octopus, home to wonderfully wacky accessories and homeware, is one of my favourite shops. Walk in to one of their stores and you are met by an array of rainbow coloured goodies, from floral toasters to jewellery made from zips, and umbrellas too pretty to inflict rain upon. Every trip to Bath (one of my nearest cities) or Cambridge (to visit my sister) demands a visit to the Octopus shop, one which usually ends with me leaving with one of their bright blue bags, the famous octopus logo emblazoned on the side.

My favourite thing from Octopus was given to me by my sister, knowing how much I love the shop. This patent pink bag in the shape of a watering can always receives compliments, giggles or bemused looks. Because that's the thing with Octopus - it's a little bit crazy, but then what's wrong with a little pink dose of crazy?
I love the bag's hot pink colour that matches perfectly with my new watch from New Look. I have long pined over the neon bright, sporty style of ToyWatches. They are very much in vogue, gracing the pages of nearly every magazine. However at £165 I had to accept that I was never going to be able to afford the real thing. So instead of sulking, I opted for New Look's pretty much identical version for £15. Lovely.

A tad on the mini side, this bag is just big enough to fit a purse, pink lipstick, phone, and a rolled copy of Vogue poking out. Just big enough in my opinion.

I dream of buying pretty much everything from Octopus, and decking my life in multicoloured fabulousness. Below are a pick of some of my pink favourites from the Octopus website:

£24 This is a bag that is shaped like a car. Like the watering can bag, this is probably a love or hate number, but I don't care because I LOVE it.
£7.50 I love this cute acrylic ring, with the blushing cheeks, blonde bob and flower headband. I want to be the girl on this ring.
£35 Who said clocks were all about telling the time? This wall clock may not have any numbers, but the flowers that surround it are so pretty and colourful. Who needs to know the exact time of day when you have a timepiece this beautiful brightening your wall?
Large £12.00 Small £9.50 I think getting ready in the morning should be an enjoyable process. Perhaps I'm just strange, but I go to bed looking forward to deciding what to wear in the morning. I love getting dressed and putting my make up on, but think the whole thing would be enhanced if I had a hairbrush this pretty to use.
£8.50 I'm not sure if this pretty pair of tweezers would make plucking my eyebrows any less painful, but they are very cute anyway.
£14 Oh what an urge I would have to cut things out if I owned a pair of these bird scissors.
£16 Washing up doesn't have to be all soap suds, grease and fluorescent marigolds. Wash up in style with these beautiful gloves and the whole thing will become a much more glamourous task altogether. Promise.
£14 This cheese grater is pretty silly, but pretty it is nonetheless. And kitchen utensils should always be pretty in my opinion (see my 18th birthday post below).


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