Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pink to the max

Apologies in advance - I am about to cite maxi dresses as perfect for the current sunny weather, which will of course mean it is raining tomorrow. Anyway... Maxi dresses are an unstoppable force this summer and perfect for the current sunny spell we have been enjoying (sorry). If you aren't confident enough for some of the all over crazy-print dresses on the market, if you feel leopard print (one of the hottest prints right now) is just too OTT, or if you find the plummeting necklines and iddy biddy straps of some styles a bit too revealing (I can't believe I just called a MAXI dress revealing...) then this is a style for you. The little floaty sleeves are perfect for covering your upper arms if you're feeling self conscious, but instead of 'practical' they say 'sophisticated fairy'. I love the shade of pink too, it has just enough coral in it to stop the whole thing being a bit too much.


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