Monday, 31 May 2010

Today's love...

This marshmallow pink Pashley bicycle nearly makes me want to take up cycling. I have dreams of cycling down Parisien streets or along the Seine on this bike, the breeze ruffling the gingham headscarf in my hair and a baguette poking out from my leather rucksack. Unfortunately in reality me plus cycling equals a much less carefree combination. I'm a very capable cyclist if the route is flat, there are no cars and I don't need to signal at any point. Take one arm off the handlebars and I will fall off (past experiences have somewhat painfully proven this).

When I told my art teacher I would be studying in London from September, she excitedly told me I could save a fortune by buying a bike and cycling everywhere instead of selling all my worldly possessions in order to afford a year's Oyster card. "I would die," I told her. "Oh no there's a website where you can plan routes that avoid main roads..." "I wouldn't cycle in Gillingham, (the tiny town where I live)" was my response.

"Yes, you would die."

So perhaps this beautiful bike may not brighten my doorstep, and I may not be cycling stylishly around London on the bike of my dreams. But it was a nice thought.


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