Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A very pink 18th

A few weeks ago it was my 18th birthday, and it is safe to say it was a very pink affair.

My mum baked me this fabulous pink, heart shaped cake complete with pink candles and dolly mixtures (my favourite - they are after all the prettiest of sweets). Once cut (at first I didn't want to as it was so pretty, but in the end my hunger and the sugary smell got the better of me) it was even pink inside too. This was my second heart shaped cake of the day; at school my friend had baked me one laden with butter icing. My birthday turned out to be more of a birthday festival. When I went to my dad's at the weekend I was presented with another cake, this time sandwiched with strawberries and cream. A girl can really never have too much cake.

My friends and family know me well, as was shown in the kind and lovely presents they gave me. One honourary aunt set me up with a pink tea set, pink 'LOVE' cushion and union jack bag that will fit right at home in my university room come September. I have heard you are very popular in university halls if you have a kettle in your room - well I will have enough cups and saucers to make my room the tea party destination of choice.
And to prepare me fully for university... my present from my mum: pink cooking utensils. Think fluorescent pink tin opener, pink handled wooden spoons, a pink apron covered in cupcakes, and a pink vegetable knife that even has a PINK blade. Cooking has never seemed so appealing.
And as pasta will be the staple ingredient of my apres september diet (being one of the only things I as yet know how to cook) this hot pink collander will come in handy.
And all of this came packed up in this gorgeous pink union jack basket.
No birthday would be complete without a meal with my girlfriends. This time it was Wagamama, and once we had finished eating they presented me with a cake completely covered in dolly mixtures and pink candles.

My best birthday present was that my best friend came over from France for my birthday weekend. And I nearly screamed when she gave me a fluorescent pink fold up Longchamp weekend bag for the next time I go to visit her. I absolutely love it, and can't wait until I get a chance to use it and visit her.

And if all that wasn't pink enough, I partied into the night in this blush pink Topshop dress!
Despite how lovely my birthday celebrations were, I unfortunately had to do an exam during the day of my birthday. It was the last day of my 3 day art exam, which meant 5 hours of my 18th were spent in silence. However, by the end of the day it meant it was all over, my art course was finished and that I never have to go to a textile art lesson again! The week after my birthday I had 3 Italian exams, but on Wednesday after I had spent an hour writing a thrilling account of losing my handbag in Italian, it meant I had finished all bar one of my exams (which isn't until the end of June). To celebrate, my mum took me to a beautiful tea room in a walled garden. We sat in the sunshine and ate cake, and as we left she bought me this beautiful mini cake, all wrapped up and decorated with fresh flowers.

The cake was delicious, and made by The Utterly Sexy Cafe, a catering company that make exquisite wedding cakes - the same company that made the teapot cake that I cut with David Cameron.
My birthday festival was perfect, and all in all I felt the luckiest, happiest, PINKEST 18 year old alive.



  1. Your Writing has inspired me so much! Its so great! That Union Jack Bag is Gorgeous! Where might I find one like that? :)

  2. Hey, thank you and sorry for the late reply - my mum bought the bag for me from a little gift shop near where I live, but I have FINALLY managed to track down a website that stocks it:

    hope that's helpful!