Friday, 22 June 2012

It's raining sequins

Apologies for my absence. No, I haven't become the first person to die from hay fever and glandular fever (actually I feel like I've pretty much kicked the glandular fever, touch wood). I've been busy. I am now back in London and have officially finished my second year at the London College of Fashion. 

I may be getting less frequent visits from the glandular fever Dementor, but that doesn't mean I'm not ill. I have developed a new sickness that is perhaps even more frightening. 

Reader, I am addicted to sequins. 

It started in Topshop. I was shopping with a friend when a ray of light punched me in the eyes. But instead of blinding me, I felt like I was finally seeing clearly. Yes, this is the dress I have been waiting my whole life to find.

When I picked the shimmery skater dress off its hanger I think my friend was ready to escort me from the shop. She could see the look in my eyes and the seeds of an addiction planting themselves in my happy heart. 

I ignored her and headed to the fitting room.

It probably goes without saying that a sequin dress would be sparkly. But this dress wasn't just sparkly. It was really, really, really sparkly. I wouldn't be surprised if I got arrested whilst wearing it down the street for over exposing the public to sequins and potentially creating traffic accidents by blinding drivers with shimmer.

I didn't buy it, but I have been dreaming in sequins ever since. 

My main argument for resisting the sequin dress was that I wondered where I would wear it. Now I am regretting my decision because I realise that I would wear it EVERYWHERE. Perhaps I would look insane, and certainly insanely shiny, but I would be so insanely happy.

Dress, £80, Topshop

Vivienne Westwood sell similar boots: mine are cheaper and have sequins on them. Win.
Shoe, £24.99, Dizzy at Treds
I didn't buy the dress, but I did buy these. They are essentially short wellington boots covered in sequins.

My sister: Where are you ever going to wear those? You're not going to Glastonbury any time soon.

Me: It rains in London too!

I have worn them several times since buying them. I splash happily through city puddles and feel like a sparkly duck.

I know that sequins are not tasteful and they are not chic. But the one thing they certainly are is fun. Resisting my urge to paint my life in sequins is like resisting an urge for cake: perhaps I would be skinnier if I said no to the chocolate gateau, but life wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable. Maybe I would look more 'fashion' in simple black trousers and a Breton tee but what is the point in fashion if you can't enjoy your wardrobe? In fact, what is the point in life if you can't enjoy it - if you can't eat cake and wear sequins?


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