Friday, 8 June 2012

Wacky Britain: A Great Gift Guide

 I have never seen as many Union Jacks as I saw flapping around in the rain this weekend. It was a weekend of celebration - celebrating being British and proud of it (despite our weather).

 I think it's a bit sad though that it took 60 years for us to have such an excuse to celebrate. Most of the time we are quick to criticise our own country. Yes, we have debt, rain and a general public that votes a dancing dog as the best of British, but we also have so much to be proud of.

The Queen, as this weekend demonstrated, but also enough things to keep Republicans happy as well. We have Harry Potter and the Lake District, Yorkshire dales and Yorkshire puddings, Big Ben and beautiful little villages. We have fish and chips and we have the Archers.  We have Cornish beaches and Cornish Pasties. We have crumpets. We have Morris Dancers.

We also have British eccentricity (hence the Morris Dancers), which is something I for one think is cause for celebration. With this in mind I have trawled the web for the more unusual Jubilee souvenirs that will make a wacky edition to your world and will keep you patriotic all year round.

Why limit the Union Jacks to one weekend? Just because the bunting has come down, that doesn't we should too. 

Wacky Britain: A Great Gift Guide

(Above) Jubilee Beermats, £12.50
The Original Metal Box Company at Not on the High Street

 Drink with the Royal family every evening with these patriotic beermats.

Corgi T-shirt, £25
Not for Ponies at

Guardsman Scrubbing Brush, £6.50
Hunter Gatherer at

Wash up in style with this stately scrubbing brush.

London Landmark Sewing Kit, £11.75
Sewgirl at

Make do and mend and create your own Jubilee souvenirs with this sewing kit.
Union Jack Shoes, £65
Kiki's at

Walk in pride in these pretty heels.
Union Jack Pumps, £130
Helen Bateman at

The most patriotic pumps on the market.

Bowler Hat and Moustache Necklace, £16.95
Jodie Anna at

Bowler hats and well maintained facial hair: some of the under-rated gems of British culture. 

Union Jack Throne, £345
Made with Love Designs Ltd at

You don't have to be a Queen to have your own throne.

Union Jack Dog Harness, £26
Mutts and Hounds at

Even your pooch can be patriotic with this Union Jack dog harness. 

Teabags, £7.95
The Cake Nest at

As if a cuppa wasn't British enough. 

Keep Britain Wonky Print, £20
Snowdon Design & Craft at

Promote British eccentricity with this quirky print. 

Jubilee Tea Cosy, £15
Ulster Weavers at

Because every teapot needs a crown. 

Patriotic Puffin Print, £29
The Little Picture Company at

I personally have never seen a puffin in London. Actually, I've never seen a puffin. Which is why I love this crazy patriotic puffin print. 

Royal Tattoos, £5
Urban Outfitters

If you're not quite royalist enough to have 'Her Maj' tattooed on your arm, go for something less permanent with these transfer tattoos.

UK Scratch Map, £18
Urban Outfitters

 I'm not quite sure what the point is off this scratch map. I guess you could scratch where you've been or write rude things about the towns of rival football teams? Or perhaps I just love it because it there really is no point to it.

Teapot Vase, £10
Urban Outfitters

Some things in life are too perfect for words. That's all. 

Ice Queen Scoop, £8
Urban Outfitters

With thanks to the Ice Queen Scoop you can now remind yourself of your royalist credentials even when performing the most unlikely of activities. Like scooping ice cream.

Union Jack Headphones, £22.99

To be worn whilst listening to The Beatles, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones. 

Solider Egg Cup and Toast Cutters, £9

Now your egg can be accompanied by real soldiers. 

Crown Tights, £15
Jonathon Aston at Topshop

 For royally good legs.

'Made in Britain' Tights, £9.50
Marks and Spencer

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I wear my nationality on my tights. 

Union Jack 22" HD LED TV with DVD player, £179
Marks and Spencer

For watching England lose the football but watching with pride nonetheless. 

Union Jack Duck Bath Mat, £9.60
Linea at House of Fraser

Because if you're going to have a rubber duck bath mat it may as well be a patriotic rubber duck bath mat. 

Union Jack Bunting Shower Curtain, £15
Marks and Spencer

One can never have too much bunting. 

Union Jack Poncho, £16

Practically patriotic.
Union Jack Kettle, £31.50
Swan at Debenhams

For making especially British brews. 

Sixteen Piece Set of Union Jack Cutlery, £14

For eating roast dinners and posh picnics. 

Union Jack Kitchen Scales, £16
Salter at Debenhams

 Weigh the ingredients for your Victoria Sponge in style.

Brit Pants, £4

 Patriotic pants.

Dress up the Royals, £5.99
John Lewis

Now you can have endless fun dressing up the Royals with this dress-up dolly book. I'm sure your life is now complete. 

Union Jack Dining Chair, £49
John Lewis

Sit up straight in these British dining table chairs. 

Union Jack Chest of Drawers, £325

Too much? Never. 

Cushion, £30

I'm not quite sure what animal the Queen is supposed to be here. A guinea pig? A sheep?

Cordless Union Jack Phone and Answer Machine, £99.95
John Lewis

Now you can be truly patriotic even when you are phoning to vote for a dog to win Britain's Got Talent.

Union Jack Milk Frother, £18
John Lewis

And finally, just what I have always wanted.


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