Sunday, 26 September 2010

Despite the rain, despite the falling rain

On a gloomy, rainy Sunday afternoon I decided to kick the autumn blues and head for Brick Lane with my neighbours, Lucy and Miriam. I love Brick Lane for its eclectic street-side stalls and ramshackle vintage shops. Even in the grey drizzle it was the place to be.

After exploring the many stalls selling clothes and trinkets from scrabble piece rings, to lego necklaces to antique gold brooches, our noses led us to the the food stands where the smells of a hundred different foods left our mouths watering. With everything from curry to pizza and mexican food the difficulty was deciding what to have. I opted for a hot crepe with lemon and sugar; for Lucy it was a falafel and houmous wrap whilst Miriam chose spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce.

We sat and filled our stomachs whilst watching the crowds of people walking past, me unable to prevent myself from checking out the outfits. On Brick Lane fur was all the rage, as were flat, mannish shoes and chunky knits. After our food we stopped for a drink at café 1001, the hippest café / bar buzzing with all of Brick Lane's coolest chilling on huge leather sofas or reading books in cosy corners.
So all in all we beat the rain and had a great day despite the gloomy skies.

Now for snuggling up in the common room with friends to watch Notting Hill. Because despite my venture out today, when the weather's like this that's all I really want to do. :)



  1. hey, i LOVE your blog you are actually such an inspiration to me as i want to do fashion journalism at LCF. How is the course going? i also LOVED your post on the cupcake bakeries, i am a cupcake fanatic!!! lots of love <3 XXXXXX oh and i just bought your book off amazon, cant wait to read it! :)

  2. Aw thank you that's SO nice to hear! And you have now inspired me to update my blog all about LCF and what I've been up to, so watch this space - my next post will be for you! :) But I'm having a great time thank you - the course is pretty intense but looks exactly what I want. Do email me if you want any extra info / advice.
    I so hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Lib! LOVING everything on here. Went to Brick Lane Yesterday, must say I am also lovin' London Life and the FJ course :)

  4. ahh no problem, i love your new post!!!! THE BOOK IS AMAZING. Ahhh you are such an inspiration! xxxx