Sunday, 19 September 2010

Fearne Cotton for Very

I may not have been able to take photographs at the Fearne Cotton fashion show, but that doesn't mean the paparazzi weren't. As I sat there I was nearly blinded by camera flashes as the paps snapped Alesha Dixon front row. At one point she turned around to us, saying "I'm SO sorry". Don't you worry Alesha.

The next day in the office Natasha was looking through the paparazzi photographs online and got very excited when she spotted herself (she's between Alesha Dixon and Louise Court). Next it was my turn to get over-excited when she pointed out one with me in it too. Can you spot me? :)
As we left we were handed USB sticks containing stills from the show. Looking through them I found my favourite dress, the sheer maxi dress above.
I love this photo, I always love seeing a smiley model and that bow and those glasses are just fab.
And here is Fearne. Now do you understand why I felt so jealous?



  1. There you are Libby! You look a natural x

  2. :):):) Cool! Libby rubbing shoulders with the stars! Alesha bloody Dixon!!! Glad you're having such an awesome, exciting time and major sympathy about the cold showers. Hope you keep finding the time to document your experiences x