Monday, 20 September 2010


I am now officially a student of the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts of London. Monday was my enrolment day, and a surprisingly emotional occasion considering all I was really doing was filling out paperwork. It felt so strange to be walking around the John Prince's Street site, remembering how I fell in love with it on the open day two years ago, and thinking to myself: I go here.

Perhaps that feeling should have brought me some relief, but in fact it left me more than a little intimidated. I met several people from my course, and it struck me how talented everyone here is. Lots of the other students are older than me, and everyone had done incredible things - work experience at every publication under the sun it seems. I couldn't help but feel myself shrink.

Despite how small I suddenly found myself feeling, it was still a good day. I finally got the chance to explore the library and could have spent all day walking amongst the aisles of fashion books. Each shelf was stacked with not one, but several copies of every art or fashion book you could possibly imagine. At the back of the room were DVDs, many fashion related but many not.

I am now eager to start my course. I have been given my timetable for the first term and it left me excited and desperate to get started. Rumours have been circulating that the fashion journalism course here is very intense, but I feel ready to get stuck in and work hard. Monday left me with the realisation that if I want to succeed I need to get a move on and get motivated. I have started re-writing my C.V and over this week will start applying for work experience for next year. Because although I may feel small right now, I am determined to grow.


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