Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I told you the blues would only be temporary. A good night's sleep, several pages of Vogue, a few hours of Abba, Florence and The Beatles and one whole sunny day later and I'm back on form.

Today was another day at Cosmo towers, and thanks to my improved mood it was a much better day. I may just have been doing the usual chores, but there were a few excitements along the way. One such excitement came in the shape of a huge Mulberry paper bag that was delivered to the office, containing several spring/summer 2011 dresses and skirts straight from the catwalk. As I carefully took the clothes from the bag, admiring the mulberry tree motifs on the shiny gold buttons (and thinking of my friend Harriet who wants to get a mulberry tree tattoo she loves the brand so much) I imagined them waltzing down the runway on the models' slender figures. In another paper bag I plucked out some gorgeous D&G shoes that I could quite happily have trotted off in.

During the day the fashion assistants were busy on a shoot, and in my lunch break I got the chance to go down and visit the studio. Despite this being my third stint at Cosmo I have never managed to see a proper photo shoot before so as I walked into the brightly lit room I was more than a little excited. Natasha and Clare were styling themselves for the shoot, so they were busy deciding between several pairs of shoes when Robyn and I arrived. We sat and watched (and learnt) as they added the finishing touches to their make-up in the huge Hollywood style mirror and selected accessories from the table of jewellery.

As Natasha and Clare posed the photographer clicked away, and after each click and flash I watched as the image popped up on the computer screen on the other side of the room.

I really enjoyed just being in the studio and taking in the atmosphere. One of the things that appeals to me so much about fashion journalism is the creation of glamour - I love how magazines create this image of a beautiful, magical and highly aspirational world, whereas the reality is usually anything but glamorous. Today was a perfect example of this. Gorgeous, stylish photographs came out of hard work - and hard work isn't glamourous, but in this case its results definitely are.

I have just two days left at Cosmo, and will be sad to leave, but also excited to start my course and the next three years of my life.


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