Sunday, 12 September 2010

London Home

I'm here! After an early start, a long journey and endless trips from the car up to the flat and back again, I am all moved in and feel right at home. I LOVE IT HERE. The flat is so much nicer than I expected, the room bigger and my flatmates feel like old friends already.
This being me, as soon as I arrived and had unpacked my considerable amount of clothes (which DO fit in my wardrobe and drawers!! :) ) I had to set to work Libbyifying the room. Firstly, I attacked the looming empty pinboard. A few magazine pages, a handful of pins, a string of fairy lights and 'hey presto' you've got yourself a colourful wall a la Libby.

Whilst I unpacked my mum made a trip to Columbia Road flower market and came back with a bunch of flowers. Unfortunately I don't have any vases, but a waterglass makes a suitable alternative and I now have one bunch on my desk and another on our kitchen table.

We all seem to have arrived prepared to feed an army and our kitchen is now overflowing with cooking supplies, including my bright pink ones. Oh well, at least we'll be all set in the event of an unlikely world kitchen supply shortage.
My fashion books look right at home on their new bookshelf, and I've made use of the bunting my sister gave me as part of my 'university survival kit'. Above my bed I have strung my teacup and cupcake bunting given to me by my godmother. Ah people know me well.
And I may be 18 and too old for soft toys, but home just wouldn't be home without old friends...

Last night saying goodbye to friends was traumatic to say the least, but despite my tears I reassured them I would be fine in the morning. And I was right. As soon as I arrived in London looking out the car window reminded me what this was all about. Yes. This is where I want to be.

I'll miss my friends and family so much, but right now I am just one happy bunny. I love London, I love my flat, I love my flatmates. This is London Home.


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  1. Welcome to London Libby! :) I am not actually living that far away from you haha! Hope you enjoy life here.