Friday, 9 October 2009

Pink Day

Today was a non-uniform day at school; students bought in £1 to wear their own clothes, as long as they wore something for this year's theme. You'll never guess the theme...! Armed with my camera, I walked around the school snapping people dressed from pastel to neon pink. Pink shirts flashed as the boys played football and giggling girls huddled in groups of fuschia leg warmers and pink pashminas. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I swear I saw more smiles around the school today.

It wasn't just the girls who wore pink. My friend Louis donned pink polo shirt and this candyfloss wig. The wig was leant by a friend and passed its way from guy to guy, followed by giggles and pointing. But what a sport.
One of our teachers, this pinkly clad man said I could only take his photo if I made it clear the pink hoodie wasn't actually his. So, point made!
The cheeky twins.
Brad and his pink polo shirt.
I saw these girls walking across the playground like this, arm in arm, and had to stop them for a photograph.
How cool is she? The tights, robot t-shirt, bright blue eye shadow, and coolest of all - her confidence.
It made me smile how serious this boy looked, despite the bright pink of his top. A serious cool dude in my opinion.
Sporty pink a la smiley Sarah.

Frankie and her pink tights.

Pink jeans and snuggly Uggs.

These two very pink friends caught my eye. I don't think they realised they were BOTH doing bunny ears behind eachother, but I thought it was cute.
Pretty floaty skirt, fab tights, gorgeous shoes, and an attitude to match.

When I saw my friend Jemima, wrapped up in her coat, she immediately flashed her raspberry jumper and scarf, to prove that she really WAS wearing pink.
As I was taking a photo of a girl and her pink trousers, these boys asked to be photographed. The two on the right and left insisted that their hair was dyed pink in order to get in the photograph. Perhaps it may be more red than pink, but I thought their cheeky grins warranted a photograph anyway.
As I walked around I came across this bench piled high with an extraordinary number of Cath Kidston bags. From a distance the pink of the bags drew me instantly for a closer inspection. The bags had been abandoned by a group of girls who were running around in the sunshine.


  1. I have to say that is a smashing polo shirt being modelled by your friend Louis!!

  2. Libby, I've been wanting to add some comments and tried, unsuccessfully, but then found my cookies setting was off but now I'm fixed, so here goes...The pink day at school looked absolutely smashing! My favorite was the pink tights. By coincidence, when I read this post the first time, I was wearing a dusty rose shirt!