Friday, 9 October 2009

Today's outfit

This pink bunny necklace was given to me by one of the fashion assistants at Cosmopolitan when I was working there this summer. When she asked if I would like it my response was rather high pitched : "Pink? Bunny? My favourite things!"
I think this cream shell necklace makes this outfit very ladylike. To harden it up a bit I would wear black opaque tights with black boots, or instead succumb to the girliness with bare legs and my ribbon bowed plimsolls.
Here I have pinned on my pink 'Head Girl' badge. My sister gave me this badge last year; she said it was pink and made her think of me. Funnily, I actually am Head Girl now. I had my photo taken last week for the wall of fame (as I like to call it) and contemplated wearing the badge. In the end I didn't quite have the courage!


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