Friday, 4 June 2010

A bathroom from heaven

Last week I went for supper with my mum and friends in the newly refurbished Grovsenor Hotel in Shaftesbury.When I went to the bathroom I actually jumped for joy as soon as I walked in. "Mum, you have to take a photo of the loo on your iphone!" I squealed when I came back to the table, much to the amusement I'm sure of the other guests sipping expensive wine and eating obscurely named vegetables.

When we left, (after a delicious meal) I had to take one last visit just to say goodbye to the beautiful room. Painted a cerise pink one wall was decorated with wallpaper featuring sketches of women in flowing pink dresses, the same pattern mirrored in the curtain fabric.

I recognised the wallpaper and fabric immediately. They are part of the Cecil Beaton 'Sketchbook' collection, a Cecil Beaton inspired range created by the fabric and four-poster scecialists Beaudesert.

I was lucky enough last year to attend a fascinating talk about Cecil Beaton, hosted by Beaudesert who had recently moved their shop from London to Tisbury, a sleepy town one stop away from my hometown on the train. At the talk their Cecil Beaton fabrics and wallpapers were on show, and it was love at first sight. Think a beautiful, sketchy style, striking colours and pretty patterns.
Possibly my favourite is their 'Beaton Beauties' print (above) which comes in grey, bright pink and poppy red. I would love to have a room with this paper decorating one focal wall, the rest of the room painted a pale, sophisticated shade to highlight the beautiful paper.

I remember walking past the Beaudesert window and seeing a chair upholstered in this rose print in the window. It made my heart glad.

Having met the enthusiastic and friendly pair behind Beaudesert at the Cecil Beaton talk, I was thrilled when they came to my book launch. I recently saw them credited in Vogue and couldn't help but feel so pleased to see them getting the recognition they deserve.

And one day, I WILL have that bathroom in my house.



  1. that chair is gorgeous, where is beaudesert I have never heard of it? Thanx Amy

  2. It is based in Tisbury now, a small town in Wiltshire, but follow the link above for more information. :)

  3. The bathroom of Claridge's in Mayfair is also lovely- you would love that.

  4. I love these prints! I think I would choose them if I had to restyle my bathroom! For the moment I only have the money to change the taps and put some roca faucets, but after this I will buy some wallpaper.