Friday, 11 June 2010

When I'm grown up I want to be...

On Wednesday it was my last day of school. Ever. 13 years of education and it is finally over (ignoring the one more exam I have to sit and the fact I will be starting 3 more years of study in September...). *Happy sigh*. To celebrate the fairly monumentous occasion we all decided to dress up in fancy dress, with the theme 'When I'm grown up I want to be...'. Rather than going as my realistic dream (I figured editor of Vogue might be a fairly tricky fancy dress option, plus I would have got far too hot in a fur coat) I decided to opt for my childhood dream. Cue pink cupcake apron, gingham hair ribbon, kitten, and (most importantly) my prized Blue Peter badge I won when I was younger. That's right: Libby Page, Blue Peter presenter extraordinaire.

This is a secret dream I have long held. Firstly, I would love to be a TV presenter. I love to talk, and to be paid to chat and grin insanely seems ideal. Then combine in baking and making egg cups shaped like bunnies from bathroom flannels (this particular excitement I saw when watching Blue Peter recently. It's ok, I was watching it with a 7 year old) and you have the perfect job. However, the climbing up cranes and trekking through muddy forests aspect of the job never appealed. Therefore, all things considered, fashion journalist it shall be.

I was thrilled with the effort everyone had made. We may have got some strange looks from the younger students and walking into town after school for a drink, but I think fancy dress has a great way of bringing people together and making them smile. We all looked crazy together, but we were HAPPY crazy people.
I was joined on the day by another Blue Peter representative, in the form of Lydia the Blue Peter gardener.
Two of my best friends, Alice the Hippy and Harriet, rocking Geek Chic.
Mel the glamourous house-wife. All baking should be done in stilettoes in my opinion.
Ellen's sailor outfit looked so cute and stylish I suggested she just wear it out and about. Why not?
I was very jealous of Gemma's air hostess outfit, complete with a mini suitcase she diligently dragged around all day.
The envy continued when I saw the way Sarah managed to pull off a fluorescent jacket and builder's hat.
Polly the pretty geisha, with a beautiful umbrella that was found in a skip. Who would throw that away?!
Lucy the lovely flower fairy.
Naomi looked the part in her stripey tee and beret, whilst Lauren was set for all sorts of adventures, compass slung around her neck. And of course no explorer's kit would be complete without a bubble wand, which she used to blow bubbles for us to chase like happy five-year olds all day.
Barbie and the sumo-wrestler made an unlikely yet very smiley couple.
Spider man and Batman join ranks...
Imagine the colour of the bath water that evening...
The boys
Our teachers came outside to admire / stare bemusedly at our outfits at break. Check out the handmade outftit; Lewis, I salute you.
That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind
After 7 years in the same school I thought it would feel strange to have left, but I don't think it has really hit me yet that I'm never going back. And despite my lovely friends and the fond memories I will always have of the school, now I am just looking forward to September, and counting down the days until I start the next, exciting chapter of my life.


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