Monday, 21 June 2010

Holidays à la Libby... Stage 1: Packing

It is fair to say I am far from an inconspicuous traveller. My luggage repetoire consists of: mini pink suitcase for make up, pink polka dot wheelie number from Animal, leather satchel to fill with books, passport and sweets for the journey, bright pink Longchamp holdall, and pink basket for the beach. Oh and just incase it's not obvious which suitcase is mine, a pink sparkly 'L' luggage tag.
When embarking on holiday I think it is always important to think to oneself, what would Elle Woods in Legally Blonde do? Would she throw her clothes haphazardly in a grey suitcase? I think not.

So here's to the pink suitcase. Holidays are supposed to be fun after all...
When I was younger I used to want to go to boarding school, however this yearning was based purely on the jolly-hockeysticks books I used to read, full of midnight feasts, pigtails and gossiping girls. Despite having long since grown out of this fleeting wish, I long to channel my Malory Towers dreams by packing my things in this classic pink trunk...

...or this baby pink version, big enough for a deliciously substantial amount of dresses, bags and shoes.
(£259 John Lewis)

However for all this without the price tag, I present this gorgeous pink Kangol suitcase (£99.50). Perhaps I may not REALLY need another suitcase, but I am extremely tempted to add this to the collection.
Just look at that lining! I am in love.
And it also comes in a vanity case version, perfect for all those bits and bobs that always seem to take up most of the room in my suitcase (hairdryer, hairbrushes - plural- , make-up, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser.....ah the pains of being a girl). (£24.99 Kangol)
This Radley suitcase is incredibly stylish, and the colour of strawberry ice cream to boot.
I love the wacky print on this Animal suitcase (£70 at John Lewis)
Baby pink and complete with furry monkey... (£185, Kipling at John Lewis)
...0r fabulous hot pink. (£164.42 Kipling)And who said pink can't be practical? This North face holdall proves that you can be intrepid and love pink at the same time. (£69 at John Lewis)

And for stylish weekends away, opt for this pretty overnight bag. (£41.99 at It's Gorgeous)
Of course it doesn't end at the luggage. To achieve the full effect it is essential to whip a hot pink passport from your bag when passing through security. Preferably from Smythson like this one. (in the sale for £39. You can have your name stamped on the corner for an extra £5.95 per letter. At that price I'd be tempted to just do it myself in Tipex, however I feel the finished effect might me somewhat less glamorous)
And to attach to your bag, this Smythson luggage label (£40). Of course, where it says 'Destination' you do NOT write Bognor Regis or 'my friend's house'. Instead *insert exotic location here*. Naturally.
And a little bit of flower power never goes amiss, not even on your passport cover.
(£24 Radley)
And finally if you love the Smythson but are working to a budget, go for one of these (practically identically but shhh don't tell Smythson that) passport covers that come with matching luggage tags. (£7.95 The Original Gift Company)

Bonnes vacances!


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